“Welcome To Obamaville: Colorado’s Fastest Growing Community” Reads Homeless Camp Sign

SignsThis story broke in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where residents found this controversial sign at a homeless camp. Colorado’s station KRDO was first to break the story, and now the station has made a “public appeal for information” on who the originator was.

Though Spencer Swann of Colorado Canyon Signs admits to the contruction of the sign,  he refuses to inform the media whom he built it for. Since then, Swann has replaced the sign with a “Please help. We need firewood, propane and canned food” sign.  Though public perception of the sign was mixed, Swann said: “I’ve had 100 calls today, and not a single one of them was negative.” He also claimed that the originator is a person who is devoted to the homeless cause, stating: “He gives them money, he gives them food, he gives them support.”

Great sign. I just wish there was a smiliar one during the Bush administration.

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