Welcome to YAL, UF!

The fledgling Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Florida has had a great first month or so of life. We started of with a christening of sorts as we tagged the 34th wall (a long time free speech wall where the usual laws against graffitti aren’t enforced and UF tradition), where Bob Marley made the case to join Young Americans for Liberty!

UF YAL 34th Wall

We started off the year with multiple tabling efforts leading up to the inagural meeting the day after the Florida primary! We got the support of about a half dozen students, and our first officer class was introduced: Myself as President, Thomas Heekin as Vice-President, Roxy Fresonke as treasure, Luc Medwell as Secretary, and Steve Galette as Recruitment Director!

However, the UF YAL did not stop there! We worked even harder, much to the credit of our Recruitment Director, Steve Galette, getting the group numbers up to 52! Our expanding group had really got into a stride by the time of our second meeting on the philosophy of liberty where another half dozen students came out to learn! Among these brave students was my German Language TA (a declared socialist) who is now reading The Road to Serfdom, by F.A. Hayek!

The UF YAL is looking forward to expanding on our 52 members and is determined to have a larger contingency of support than both the UF College Republicans and Democrats! 

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