Wendy Davis’s Stand

In one on of the most exciting and crazy episodes of Texas politics in recent memory Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, took on Texas SB 5 with a astounding 11-hour filibuster.


Before 11 p.m. Davis’ stand was stuck down after violating the rules of Texas filibuster legislation three times. According to Texas filibuster guidelines, Davis was not allowed a bathroom break, must stand throughout, and was not allowed lean on anything. She earned three strikes by having her back brace adjusted, talking seemingly off topic about Planned Parenthood’s budget, and mentioning a 2011 sonogram law.


After Davis was deposed, her supporters breached decorum and started their own filibuster by continually yelling and screaming from 11:45 until midnight, united in their chants “Let her speak.”


The bill that failed to pass, but will get another chance thanks to Rick Perry’s 30-day special session to start Monday, would limit a woman’s ability to have an abortion past 20 weeks of pregnancy. With Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst presiding over the senate, the bill passed with a 19-10 vote on the floor greatly encumbered by the yelling and chanting of the crowd, but was too late narrowly missing the midnight deadline.


Davis commented:

You can imagine how a woman feels to be told that her feelings on these issues, no matter how difficult, no matter the circumstances that she’s dealing with, if she can’t fit into every one of these square pegs, she is not going to be able to exercise her constitutional right and whats so disturbing is that we don’t seem to care.

What surprises me about this whole issue is that instead of talking about the rights of the unborn child, Davis and her supporters argued for their own right to choose between life and death of the unborn fetus.


Senator Davis argues that woman have a constitutional right to do this, and if you infringe upon it, you are violating a woman’s rights over her body. What they don’t take into account is that the unborn child is another life inside of them, being composed of a entirely different set of DNA, and depending on the stage of development having its own heart beat.


The crowd in the legislative chamber in Austin stood up for the rights of woman, but who was there to support the unborn children who do not have a voice? If we seriously believe in the founding principles of this country, that everyone has the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” why is a unborn child exempted from its right to life?


I believe that my rights as an individual to live comes not from my government, but from my god, and a woman’s “right” to choose between life and death of her unborn child is overstepping her authority.


Others would argue that the child may be born into a environment that could not sustain the child’s welfare, so choosing abortion is the more responsible option. But isn’t this a misunderstanding of personal responsibility? If you know you cannot support a child, why not take responsibility to practice safe sex? Where I live there is a convenience store on every corner and drugstores crammed between grocery stores on seemingly every city block. We have widespread access to healthcare and contraceptive supply’s up to our ears. As adults we need to understand that we have to take responsibility for our actions and unfortunately abortions are the easy way out for most. 


Contra Davis, it is about the rights of the unborn which many “don’t seem to care.”

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