We’re Here to Stay

Robert Gates serves as Defense Secretary first under Bush II and now under Obama. Foriegn policy change, right?

President Obama’s new focus on Afghanistan promises to keep American involvement in that country going for a long time, reports AntiWar.com. “At one point forgotten as America’s other war, nearly eight years after the initial US invasion of the nation signs are that the government’s commitment to continuing the war in face of seemingly indefatigable insurgents and growing unrest among the local population is stronger than ever.”

Moreover, Bush Administration-holdover Defense Secretary Robert Gates has urged “World War II style unity in the conflict” to the United States’ NATO allies involved in the Afghan invasion even as a new set of officers is being chosen and committed to the country for at least the next three years. Violence in the country has increased in both 2008 and 2009, and Obama’s surge policy is predicted to only increase it.

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