We’re Screwed

Neeraj Chaudhary argues that we will soon be in the midst of a Great Depression much worse than the first. He opens with a frightening but nonetheless true revelation:

With the mainstream media focusing on the country’s leveling unemployment rate, improving retail sales, and nascent housing recovery, one might think that the US government has successfully navigated the economy through recession and growth has returned. But I will argue that a look under the proverbial hood reveals a very different picture. I believe the data shows that the US economy is badly damaged, and a modern-day depression has begun. In fact, just as World War I was originally called The Great War (and was retroactively renamed after World War II), Peter Schiff has said that one day the world will refer to the 1929-41 era as Great Depression I, and the current period as Great Depression II. 

What do you think? Will the Austrian School finally be redeemed? Or will the Keynesians be able to conjure up another way to delay the inevitable?

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