West Virginia University YAL Kicks Off Chapter With a Great Turnout!

Jake Coppock discussing the "fruits" of liberty.

This spring semester, the YAL chapter at West Virginia University faced a little trouble being able to secure a table in any major spots throughout campus due to some confusion with the event office. But that only meant that when we finally did; we made it count! Last week, YAL members found themselves tabling everyday, actively engaging in political discussions with the student body as well as helping them to find out exactly where they stand on current issues.

Using the Young Americans for Liberty political compass quiz, we were surprised to find the amount of liberty-lovers that we did at WVU. Out of the 40 people who stopped by to talk with us and fill out the quiz, more than half of these students ranked in between the libertarian lines, with many remaining in the centrist and left columns. It turns out that WVU students normally will not find themselves beside the likes of Rick Santorum or Sarah Palin, which may mean a lot to those who are interested in youth recruitment.

Regardless of the outcome, we invited each student to the “Know Your Rights” meeting that we, along with the help with our friends at Students for Liberty, offered to WVU students as they prepared themselves for their upcoming St. Paddy’s day weekend.

WVU's Know Your Rights

The event was a success, as about 25 non-members showed up to learn how to legally and respectfully handle the police. As we held open discussions and played a few ACLU videos, we made sure to provide the maximum amount of snacks possible. We opened up the floor for questions, and also had a special guest — the Chief of University Police at WVU. As he answered questions, he was also quick to warn us of any illegal activity that is usually reported under him.

A follow-up meeting is soon to come, and there is more excitement in the air about this chapter than ever before. Tabling, we gained a ton of new emails and met many new people who are interested in the group.

We are very excited to finally kick things off here in West Virginia, and plan to continue this momentum in the weeks to come. There is a lot of potential for change here at WVU, and we are hoping to clean it up.

Starting with this mess…

WVU Know Your Rights Mess

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