West Virginia University’s Constitution Week 2014!

This Constitution Week, Young Americans for Liberty at West Virginia University went all out in our efforts to (1) educate the students of WVU on the importance of the Constitution, (2) identify students who show interest in the principles of liberty, and (3) introduce students to our organization.

Our new event, CONSTITUTION KARATE, made it simple to identify students that were interested in current events – while also attracting students who like to punch things. (Win-win.)

With this event, we took in 60 new emails, and almost doubled our meeting attendance that night alone!



It was fairly easy to prepare for, and we quickly had everything we needed. The materials are easy to come by: Markers, paper, poster boards, and A GIANT BREAKABLE FOAM CUTOUT. It can be any kind of foam, but we found that the bigger you buy it in, the cheaper it is.



All you need to do now is make your posters, cut out your foam board into many 1ft x 1ft squares, glue a piece of the constitution onto it, pack it up and go train some aspiring politicians!

Make sure you can actually punch through these boards before you start. Don’t go around Lowe’s punching everything to see if you can break it, but make sure its easy to break apart. My hand is still recovering…


After everything was said and done and we had some excited new members, we hurried up and got out our old Free Speech Wall, painted over it, and put it up for the whole next day! It was very successful; students not only filled up one side of it, but we also turned it around to the other side for them to fill up as well!


Lots of people like liberty, I guess.


This Constitution Week has been the most successful week we’ve seen on this campus. Students were interested, active, and even excited to talk to us. All it took was a little attention-getter, a topic to discuss, and a meeting to not only identify those who were already interested in liberty – but also educate those who have never been interested before.

With this in mind, YAL @ WVU has written down a short list of things to keep in mind while hosting an event on campus:

(1) Students love to talk about the things they love. (and the liberty to love them)

(2) Students love to break things. (or come running to see why another student is breaking things)

(3) Students love pizza. (at meetings)

And when you put these three things together, you have an unstoppable body of liberty-loving individuals that can karate-chop through any political process!

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