Western Iowa Tech Community College 2nd Membership Drive

We had a second membership drive on January 18th, the day after the spring semester started, from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Before this membership drive there were only two members for the YAL at Western Iowa Tech, the guy who signed up in our first membership drive, and myself. By the time the membership drive was over we had five members, enough to make YAL an officially recognized club at WITCC.

This time, not as many people took the quiz, and at first very few people were stopping to talk to me. I didn’t let it discourage me though. After about 45 minutes I did have someone who stopped and asked what it was about, and showed interest. He did end up signing up to be a member. I was also following up with everyone who took the political alignment quiz last time. I talked one of them into being a member.

Just as I was about to tear down my booth, a male student started asking me what YAL was about, and he asked if Ben Shapiro was a libertarian. I showed him on the quiz where I think Shapiro landed (more conservative than libertarian, but more libertarian than statist) and he seemed pretty genuinely interested so I asked him if he wanted to sign up, and he became our fifth member.

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