Western Iowa Tech Community College Membership Drive

The Western Iowa Tech Community College chapter of YAL in Sioux City, Iowa held our first event, a membership drive, on December 13th. Overall, I would say it went well. The drive was held from 11:45am – 1:30pm outside our school cafeteria. As I was setting up the booth one of the first items I set out were the “How to Handle the Police” cards. Ironically, a couple guys from the police science program walked by and noticed it. This was kind of funny, because at first they got a bad impression, but when they read the card, they thought, “oh this is actually what they teach us in Police Science,” and that struck up a conversation.

One of the guys was a friend of theirs that wasn’t in the police science program, that happened to be a libertarian. I started talking to him about YAL, and he was excited that someone was starting something like that at WIT. He and his friend took the political identity quiz and they were on opposite sides of the libertarian spectrum. The guy that was excited was the first person to sign up to be a member.

I feel like a lot of people were a little nervous to come up to the booth, because most students who are vocal about their political views at this school, are very liberal. However, I did get a decent turnout of people who came and took the quiz. Everyone who did take the quiz landed somewhere in the libertarian category.

Although I only had the one member sign-up. Most of the people who took the quiz left their number, so I will follow up with them. Also the person who signed up said he had libertarian friends at the school who might be interested in joining.

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