Western Michigan University Recruitment Drive

Last week Western Michigan University held its annual Bronco Bash, where every student organization had the ability to present itself to new students and the entire campus. This also serves as a great method of recruitment, and we were pleased with the results. From 3:00 to nearly 7:00 last Friday, several of our members had great and in-depth conversations with dozens of interested students. We asked if they knew anything about libertarianism, and what issues mattered to them- very positive interactions and most were open to our principles or interested in our group. Our table had plenty of YAL merchandise, and we went through well over fifty pocket Constitutions. It was great to see a very diverse group of students passionate about the Constitution! My favorite thing about our table was a large homemade sign with five key policy foundations- Free Speech, Privacy Rights, Free Markets, Limiting Foreign Intervention and Ending the War on Drugs. This caught a lot of people’s eyes and inspired conversation with students who otherwise would not likely associate with libertarianism. At the end of the day, we received over 50 new sign ups. 


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