WFU YAL Tax Day Video

The idea here is more than making a simple YouTube video just for the heck of it.

Really, you can use your YouTube videos for much more than just sharing with your friends; you can even share it with your school as a whole. See, here’s the idea: Decide to screen a film on campus such as Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism then utilize the opportunity to show your film at the beginning, before you have the main event; use your film as a primer for things to come in the next video.

What it does is a; shows prospective members attending the event that your chapter is active, b; shows them that your chapter is halfway intelligent (not just a bunch of crazy hippies, or whatever fanatical misconception people might have), and c; it gets your members involved–the last thing people want to do in a libertarian group is simply sit around a table and talk. Do some engaging, some spreading of the message, and always make sure you’re having fun doing it.

Here is Wake Forest’s video that they will be showing all day at their table on Tax Day (with other activities), and previewing before they screen Russo’s film. Check it out and make your own to show on your campus!

Let’s finish up the tax day coalition with a BANG!

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