What do Tetris and Communism have in common? Everything. Kind of.

I recently stumbled across one of the greatest pieces of creative genius on YouTube that I’ve ever seen. Ever.

The British Artists Dan Woods and Donald Newholm, “Pig With The Face of a Boy” are collectively known as “the world’s best neo-post-post-music hall anti-folk band.” And by George, they are. 

These men are the geniuses behind A Complete History of the Soviet Union as told by a humble worker, arranged to the melody of Tetris. The tetris theme becomes more chaotic as time goes on, just as how Communism rose and fell into chaos as time went on. The arranging of blocks is used to represent the toil of the proletariat as it becomes more and more miserable — and less peaceful — as the glorious socialist state goes from Lenin to Stalin to eventually Gorbachev. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this chaos only applies to Communism though, for one can be the man who arranges the blocks that continue to fall from up above…in the free market.

Truly a masterpiece. Appeals to history-nerds like myself and Tetris fans alike.

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That are made by the men in Kazakhstan.
They come two weeks late and they don’t tessellate
But we’re working to Stalin’s five year plan.
I am the man who arranges the tanks
That will make all the Nazis keep away
The Fuhrer is dead, and Europe is Red!
Let us point all our guns at the USA.
We shall live forever more!
We can start a nuclear war!

Rest of the lyrics here.

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