What happened to Obama the Peace Candidate?

Because I’m pretty sure that’s how he depicted himself during the election. Now, however, he has announced that he will create 20,000 new government jobs (yay! we have that much less money to put into growth of actually valuable private industry!) to manage all the new weapons he will be buying — more than $100 billion’s worth each year, in fact. This decision comes despite the fact that the “Government Accountability Office has found that cost overruns on the 97 largest arms acquisition programs now total almost $300 billion. The programs are an average of 22 months behind schedule, the congressional watchdog has found.” Obama’s 2008 opponent, John McCain, also supports the plan.

But never fear, surely all these newly-acquired and better-managed weapons will not be used for more wars, right? Obama is going to change our foreign policy, right? Not according to McCain, at least: “We cannot afford to take care of our obligations in at least two wars and potential flash points all over the world and continue on the spending spree we are on.” …So we’ll spend more money and hire 20,000 new people. Good call.

But the fact that he said “at least” two wars doesn’t mean there might be more, right? It was just a figure of speech, right? Maybe, but maybe not, as Israeli President Shimon Peres finds himself with “no choice” but to compare Iran with Nazi Germany and urge the United States to take action:

“Iran is a threat not just to Israel, but to the whole world. As Jews, after being subjected to the Holocaust, we cannot close our eyes in light of the grave danger emerging from Iran,” Peres said. “If Europe had dealt seriously with Hitler at that time, the terrible Holocaust and the loss of millions of people could have been avoided. We can’t help but make the comparison.”

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