What Is Causing the Economic Crisis?

Many politicians ask questions, but never seem to come up with their own thoughts. The questions they ask mean nothing because their actions don’t match their rhetoric.

The biggest question today is, “What is causing the economic crisis?” The reasoning behind so many of the answers provided is fatally flawed, ignoring the Federal Reserve’s role in causing the problems we are now experiencing.

Politicians in Washington  tend to take all the Fed’s recommendations, but if they were to do a little thinking of their own, and stop listening to the leadership in Congress, they would see that the Federal Reserve has been the root of all problems in this country since its inception in 1913.  Ron Paul is really the only one in Congress at the moment that understands this, and he explains in this video  how giving the Fed too much power has damaged the United States economy, and will continue to take us further down the path to depression:

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