What is that “Coldest of all Cold Monsters”?

Why, the state, of course.

The latest example of government benevolence: A government-commissioned study has reported that over 12% of kids held in government* detention facilities have experienced sexual abuse. This isn’t a matter of mere negligence, as the vast majority of the victims were abused by government-“vetted”  staff rather than fellow inmates.

How monstrous. It’s ironic that the current regime claims to care about doing things “on principle,” getting “everyone insured,” and leaving “no one behind,” while the proponents of liberty are deemed narrow and callous.

Though the wishy-washy, Daytime-TV worshipping, Obama-ites swoon over these sort of phrases, they mean nothing to the Washington elites that spew them. If the Obama administration really cared about everyone, they would do something about these evil government prisons, some of which have 30% of kids getting sexually abused. Yet the story reports that despite clamoring from Human Rights Groups, Attorney General Holder is failing to act to rectify the massive criminality within the “justice” system.

It may seem shockingly callous that the administration continues to do nothing, but think of their job description for a second. Being the “leader of the free world” means regarding the innocent victims of the means to your grand ends, whether foreigners or US citizens, as inconsequential little dots on a computer screen.

* I realize that some of the readership will disagree with that description, so prior to posting this, I want to point out that I don’t think the main point of this post is undermined even if some of the prisons were “privately run.” As a libertarian, I do not view these entitites to be private because — regulations aside — they are serving a government, rather than free market purpose, by enforcing unjust government laws.

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