What is War without Limbless Children?

Cluster bomb child victim.Britain unites with smaller countries to block the United States’ bid to legalize civilian-maiming cluster bombs:

A coalition of countries including Britain on Friday defeated an attempt by the US, Russia, China and Israel to get an international agreement approving the continued use of cluster bombs. The weapons, which have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon scatter “bomblets” over a wide area, maiming and killing civilians, notably children, long after they have been dropped and are banned under a 2008 convention which was adopted by the UK and in more than 100 countries.

I am glad the White House is sending diplomats to defeat this existential threat to the United States. But war is brutal, right?

The unexploded bomblets have the appearance of yellow drink containers and are attractive, often picked up by children who mistake them for toys. However, the consequences are lethal, often resulting in maiming or even fatalities.

What is a war without limbless children anyway?

How effective are these munitions? “98 percent of victims of cluster bombs over the past three decades have been civilians, a third of them children.”

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