What It Means to Be Pro-Life (Part 3 of 3)

Continued from Part II: How the Right Justifies Killing

Part III: How the Liberty Movement Resolves the Deadly Contradiction

Enter the liberty movement—the libertarian school of thought which resolves the great and deadly contradiction between the left and the right.  Libertarianism is classically liberal and traditionally conservative, upholding alike the rights of unborn babies whose existence is viewed as inconvenient and foreigners with a language and a faith unpopular in the West.  Unlike most of the leftists and rightists in America, libertarians hold the view that all human life is sacred, regardless of whether the party in question is a fetus, a prisoner of war, an unrepentant White Russian counter-revolutionary, or a Muslim who holds Israel in low esteem.

While they do oppose abortion on most counts, they will typically concede the choice to a woman if the pregnancy threatens her life and there is little chance of her surviving childbirth.  There is no sense in both baby and mother dying.  This, however, is far from a common circumstance.  Most abortions performed in the United States are done so on young women who, either by their own choice or under coercion of their male partners or other influential figures, are refusing to take responsibility for their actions, that being sexual activity that resulted in the creation of a new human life. 

While leftists usually justify such barbarism as being economically beneficial, libertarians advocate adults (and even teenagers) taking responsibility for their actions.  Libertarians also believe strongly in charity by choice and the entire community helping a single mother or a young couple in need.  This is liberation from becoming an economic slave to government welfare as well as an opportunity to practice the sacred ideal of charity by choice on the part of the community.  Even in the inner cities there are churches and wonderful people, young and old, who live to help others in need.  This is a vital aspect of the pro-life position without which it is not tenable.

Libertarians also reclaim the moral high ground stolen by modern conservatives when it comes to war.  By no means do libertarians believe that war is never justified at all; such a sentiment is far from the truth — they believe in the concept of a just war of defense.  It is only permissible for one party to go to war if that party is being explicitly and violently attacked and their very survival is at stake.  While one of the Ten Commandments is “You shall not murder” (NIV Bible), the Holy Bible — the cornerstone of American conservatism — justifies self-defense and Psalm 18, attributed to the warrior-king David, speaks of such type of warfare in verses 34 through 50.  In the case of the American Revolution, the first shots of the war were fired at Lexington by the British army against a local militia who simply did not want the British in their town, stripping away their local autonomy and seizing private property, especially not their weapons of self-defense.

Libertarians disdain how modern diplomacy comes in the form of threatening third world countries to “do this or that or else be starved by sanctions, and if you don’t do it fast enough we will have to intervene militarily!”  Unfortunately, there have been very few just wars fought by the United States, but many Americans today, namely libertarians, still believe strongly in the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the Constitution.  They don’t love what America has become but they do love what it should be — a free country and a city on the hill — and they love what it could be in the future.

They are willing to repeat the good episodes of American history and to learn from the terrible mistakes.  This includes but is not limited to respecting equality of all citizens under the law regardless of race or creed, respecting property rights, maintaining honesty in business, reigning in government so that it once again abides by the Constitution, and respecting the sanctity of the lives of unborn children as well as foreigners our leaders may disagree with.  Anyone who is at this time a leftist or a rightist that has justified one or another form of killing, and feels even the slightest twinge of remorse, is at this time invited to rethink their worldview and join the liberty movement. Let us all build a better society based on voluntary participation, inalienable rights, and maximum freedom.  This is what means to be pro-life.

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