What Obamacare Has Done For You:

After  attending a Young Democrats meeting last week, their chapter president directed me to healthcare.democrats.org , a website set up by the Democratic National Committee to assist in spreading the gospel of the “benefits” of Obamacare.

So, as he requested, I visited the site, entered my information, and received my report outlining exactly how Obamacare has “benefited” me. Being a healthy college student, the list was relatively short, but it was sufficient enough to ignite the same sense of indignation I felt over a year ago when this legal “monster of Frankenstein” was pushed through Congress.

The effects on me (or at least the effects chosen by the DNC to display to the public rather than hide from it) were as follows:

1.  Insurance companies must allow me to stay on my parents’ plan until I am 26.

2.  My insurance company must now spend at least spend 80% of my premium dollars on health care — not CEO salaries or profits.

3. I may no longer have to pay for preventive services such as vaccines or new-baby care.

All through this process, questions kept screaming in my mind:  At whose expense? By what right? At what cost? The answers to these questions are, respectively, at the expense of private businesses and the taxpayers, by the “right” of might, and at the cost of individual liberty.

These questions are seldom asked, let alone answered. It’s time that we hold our government accountable and see to it that these questions are never absent during a legislative discussion.

Go to their website, find out how the health care bill “helps” you, and ask yourself:  At whose expense? By what right? At what cost?

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