What ‘post-war period’?

Bernie Quigley, in an op-ed piece for The Hill about the current crop of GOP candidates, said this:

Three of the Republican candidates for president, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman, are of the highest caliber, on a level we have barely seen in the post-war period.

What struck me as odd was not his analysis of these candidates (he is repeating the same tired line that the frontrunners are the only serious candidates), but the fact he referred to a “post-war period.”

I really hope he was referring to the period after World War II, because if not, I must ask: what “post-war period”?

This “post-war period” is a disgusting meme that will gain traction after Dec. 31 when the United States will withdraw its combat troops from Iraq (and leave behind thousands of private military thugs to continue the violence there). It must be noted that these departing American troops will not enjoy a “post-war period.” They will be redeployed into new theaters of combat to die in any one of our dozens of senseless wars in Afghanistan, Uganda, or the Philippines.

And that’s not to mention Iraq itself, which will experience years of violence regardless of American presence. The bombings, the checkpoints, the sectarian strife, all of these will continue after “withdrawal.” There will be no “post-war period” for Iraqis.

That the end of Iraq War will bring about a “post-war period” is a nice fantasy, but it is an outright lie.

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