What Rand Paul could teach Ron Paul

YAL doesn’t support or oppose any candidates for office, but we do support good campaigning tactics and a solid understanding of political technology and strategy within the liberty movement.  As a result, we really support this new Politico article from James Antle of The American Spectator:

Paul has a chance to make major strides in 2012 — if he can remember he is running a presidential campaign and not a seminar on Libertarianism 101. In 2008, Paul expected to do little other than inject libertarian and antiwar arguments into the televised debates. He ended up raising millions of dollars and finishing ahead of some presumed top-tier contenders.

The issue environment is more favorable to Paul this time around — and the GOP field looks weaker. Yet Paul still allows himself to be drawn into defending libertarian theory, when he could be winning votes.

Read the whole thing here — especially if you’re planning involvement with Year of Youth.  This is a savvy, intelligent piece which should be read by all in the liberty movement.

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