What the UCF chapter has been up to this Spring

Wow, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Central Florida has been busy this spring semester! YAL@UCF started the semester by attending our university’s “Spring Club Showcase” where more than 200 clubs tabled to showcase themselves to new and returning students.

We decided to use the classic YAL political quiz to help start a conversation about liberty and YAL. We got over 40 sign-ups by the end of the event.



During the last week in January, YAL @ UCF joined thousands of other organizations to celebrate National School Choice Week. For our event, we brought awareness to other students about the alternatives to public education. We took pictures of other students stating why they support school choice. Below are some of their answers. 




 We all had a blast with this event and had a lot of interest in YAL and “School Choice.”


In February, YAL@UCF welcomed back Mark Schmidter who is a local liberty/FIJA activist in Orlando. Mark came by to discuss (Common Law) Grand Juries. We learned how, in theory, the grand jury should act as a check on the government — the people’s watchdog against arbitrary and malevolent prosecutions.


During the last week of February, a couple of YAL@UCF members made the trek to CPAC where we had a great time “Standing with Rand,” meeting Gary Johnson and watching him in the Marijuana legalization debate, watching Judge Napolitano debate the Constitutionality of the NSA and it’s tactics, and many other things. 

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Lastly, a couple of YAL@UCF members attended the Alabama YAL State Convention where we had a lot of fun learning about Melony Armstrong’s journey to renovate archaic and restrictive government regulations to open her own hair braiding salon; Bill Frezza’s story of dealing with regulatory reform, crony capitalism, tax policy, and ways to restore US economy; and Tom Woods’ talk that went over 45 topics in 45 minutes. It was also great to meet and get to know other YAL chapters in the state of Florida.                                                       



These are just some of thing things YAL@UCF has been up to this spring semester. Expect to here more about our chapter’s activism as we head into the last leg of the semester.

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