What to say when people try to peg you as a right-wing partisan.

The following (which I am cross posting from my blog, The Humble Libertarian) can really shock people into a better understanding of who we are and what we stand for as torchbearers of liberty.

I was responding to a libertarian when I wrote it who questioned my libertarian credentials because I believe that human fetuses are human beings that are entitled to human rights, but you can definitely use this when Rachel Maddow types try to discredit you as a rightwing partisan when you criticize Mr. Obama.

They might even really respect the consistency and novelty of your set of political beliefs, and be just intrigued enough to learn more about libertarian ideas. Here it is:


On an article here about abortion, and why it is certainly possible to be a libertarian and “pro life” if you think that a fetus is a human being (which happens to be the editorial position of The Humble Libertarian), a commentator recently wrote:

Your not a Libertarian if your proLife. Your just another conservative religious nut that doesn’t like the current Republicans economic policies.

Here is my response (to which I have added relevant links):

Well let me ask you this- am I just another conservative religious nut because I want to end the wars in the Middle East and bring the troops home? Or because I want to significantly reduce the defense budget? Or because I want the government to stop funding faith-based initiatives? Or because I believe homosexuals are discriminated against by our state’s unwarranted intervention into the marriage issue (and that this should end)? Or because I want to legalize the recreational use of drugs? Or because I want to legalize any and all sexual acts between consenting adults, including prostitution? Or because I detest the Patriot Act, torture, warrant-less wiretapping, indefinite detainment without charges, the Bush Administration, and Sarah Palin? Or because I want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants and liberalize our immigration and trade policies? Or because I do not believe in a long-term strategic military alliance with the nation state of Israel (and think that the theological basis some Christians have for such a policy is the very worst possible reason they could give for it)? Or that I sympathize with the plight of Arabs and Persians who have suffered because of our foreign policy of supporting and arming their dictators? Am I just another conservative religious nut because of all this? Please give me half a chance and listen to and try to understand what I have to say before pronouncing judgments about me. You may find we have more in common than you think.

It’s awfully nice when you can fit people into a neat little box, but it just so happens that neither I, nor most libertarians fit very neatly into your typical conception of politics, certainly not into the left-right (false) dichotomy. We’re not partisan, we’re not unreasonable, we don’t play red team/blue team, and we will not be pigeon-holed.

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