What Would You Do for 3 oz. of Silver?

Help promote Silver Circle in a creative, viral way?

This week we are asking all of our followers to put together YouTube videos for Silver Circle and share them with friends. How will you win silver? Whoever has the most votes will be awarded on February 1st (the day of the Fiat Money Bomb).

The content of your video is to help promote our current fundraiser, the Fiat Money Bomb. The Sundance Film Festival Deadline is September 3rd and we want to  make it there. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in pledges by February 1st, then on February 1st we will ask for all pledges to convert to donations. This will create a “bomb” of money within one day, and a great story for our track to success as well as a great way to show the need for liberty films to distributors around the country. 

Still unsure what you are supposed to do? Well let me break down the guidelines and rules to the contest. We are looking for our followers to produce YouTube videos about Silver Circle. If you are camera-shy you don’t have to be in the video, nor are voice-overs a must.  Create a video that you think will attract the most views. Here are the guidelines:

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