What would you do with your taxes?

The Samford chapter of YAL got a jump on tax season this year with a table and meeting regarding the subject. The meeting was normal and went well, but the table is what was really interesting. The general idea is that we had a trifold board with big words: “what would you do with your taxes?”

We researched every major at Samford, the average mid-career income (when available), and used the IRS’s tax calculator (on their website) to see how much federal income tax would come right off the top every year. (Side note: we didn’t tell people how much their major makes on average, but we had the info if they asked.) People were astonished to see that they were losing tens of thousands of dollars yearly in federal income tax alone.

We asked them what they would do with the money and asked them to write it on a sticky note for our board. We had some great responses. Among my favorites was a girl who said “give some, save some, spend some.”

It often takes a lot to get students here involved with what we’re trying to say, but this event really got people talking to us and thinking about their government. Also, shoutout to Turning Point USA, whose representative helped me out with this project.

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