What’s in it for me?

Recruitment is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of activities, tactics, and perspectives. Let’s take out political messaging for one moment and focus on one recruitment perspective: sales.

How are you going to sell YAL and your chapter to interested students? Yes, I said “sell.” We are indeed selling an ideology, a service, and an organization. Businesses sell things all the time to consumers, otherwise they couldn’t last very long. Recruitment is the lifeblood of every YAL chapter, putting all of us in the same boat.

Businesses and industries have different sales strategies, but let’s concentrate on a core principal of marketing. It is one question we all ask ourselves either consciously or unconsciously during any sales pitch: “What’s in it for me?” Or in the business community it is referred to as WIFIIM.

Think in terms of benefits and wants. To a prospective YAL member for your chapter, there are many ways he or she can benefit or to satisfy personal wants from joining. Keep in mind people are self-interested, which as we all know is a good thing! While recruiting you can utilize that fact of that life. So, before you can develop your chapter’s WIFM strategy ask yourself, what’s in it for me for starting or joining YAL?

You probably came up with some answers. They probably include something like:

  • getting more involved on campus
  • meeting new people
  • making new friends
  • becoming more educated about the political process and issues
  • learning and implementing new skills
  • gaining leadership
  • experience networking
  • building a resume
  • getting involved with political campaigns
  • gaining access to job/internship opportunities
  • and having a lot of fun! 

Do these reasons sound familiar to you for starting or joining your own YAL chapter?

Your and other chapter members’ answers are a great place to start when building your WIFM approach. You most likely have already received those benefits and satisfied those wants. That is an epic story to tell any possible recruit. These topics are excellent things to pitch during face to face recruitment as well as introductory follow up emails sent to newly singed up students.

As a business student at Cal State Fullerton, my chapter has seen drastic growth in recruiting and retaining members after implementing our own WIFIIM strategy. Our success can be partly attributed to two of the following concepts.

Most of these answers can be placed into two categories: making connections and resume-building. Both of these concepts and practices are the keys to making an individual more competitive in the job market. Networking helps you land that interview. Resume-building helps you dominate it. 

These reasons to join YAL are in students’ minds more then ever because of the tough economy and difficulty in landing jobs (let alone getting an interview). The current economic conditions and the knowledge that people are self-interested are facts of life. Use them to your advantage while recruiting. An effective WIFIIM strategy works for many, if not all, businesses.

It can work for your YAL chapter too. 

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