When Facebook Suggests a Career with the DEA for you…

…you should probably decline. 

Today Facebook’s algorithm elicited mucho facepalms from yours truly.  My Facebook account thought I would be interested in the above ad and placed it on my page when I awoke on my birthday morning.  Why in the world would someone whose profile is so obviously libertarian be interested in an ad campaign centered around a government career of stealing drugs and unproductively caging people for providing a valid entrepreneurial service?

Sure, the people involved in the approximately 200 pound category of cocaine distribution generally aren’t the gentlest of people, as they can’t really afford to be gentle without access to an above-board, legal system, but the state’s pursuit of prohibitionist policies isn’t solving anything. The never-ending game of cocaine cat and mouse fails to strike the root as thousands of agitators for the liberalization of drug laws have noted for decades.  Every bust decreases the supply of coke and thus makes every eight ball of cocaine that much more marginally valuable.  In other words, the more “successful” the government busters, the more profit incentives new and existing dealers are faced with to create and expand production and distribution.  The drug war is an autocatalytic cycle which can, for economic reasons, never be won.

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