When persuading others to liberty, focus on non-creeps

A major vice of humanity is the inability of many people to admit they’re wrong about–well– anything!. You see it all the time in day-to-day life. An intellectually dishonest professor failing to take responsibility for a flawed mode of thinking. A “post-revolution” “bro,” failing to take responsibility for treating women like slabs of meat. And most commonly, a politician failing to take responsibility for supporting failed economic policy, or an immoral war.

With such unsavory types among us, it’s best to confine libertarian “conversion” attempts  to decent folks. That is, people with enough integrity, intellect, and open-mindedness to look at alternatives ways of thinking. I had a great philosophical discussion with a very intelligent liberal tonight, and I think  I made more headway than in 1000 discussions with young powermongers/state-suckups/political hacks.

We can change the world. Yes, that means YOU!  We just have to remember to focus our efforts on promising individuals, be polite, don’t expect on the spot conversions, and stick to the bread-and-butter of liberty.

If we can obtain the proper combination of patience and backbone, I think we’ll be victorious. After all, who can object to a core message of: “Don’t steal from, kidnap, maim, or murder innocent people?”

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