When Phil Anderson Talks About Liberty at University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

This week, not only did we get to watch Justin Amash’s Livestream, YAL-Whitewater also had the pleasure of listening to Phil Anderson talk about different libertarian ideals and how they are applicable within Wisconsin. Phil is currently running for Governor in Wisconsin and he also hosts his own libertarian radio show. He talked about how to reduce spending within Wisconsin and focused on decriminalizing all drugs and legalizing marijuana to cut down on the amount Wisconsin spends on our prison system. Within Wisconsin spending on education increased by only 72% while spending on prisons increased by 351%, a statistic which shocked many at this event. It was a great experience for us to listen to someone who’s working their hardest to effect change within our state and see how libertarianism is applicable in every single policy decision our state government makes. Phil talked about how unlike purely liberal politics or purely conservative politics, libertarianism is actually based off from philosophical theories which results in there being a clear answer to every political question that arises. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians apply the same philosophical reasoning to every decision which results in consistency. Phil is extremely good at conveying the libertarian message and many of our members are excited to volunteer for his campaign. By working to make Phil win, we are working to make liberty win.

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