When Tabling Is Not an Option

Minimum Wage Discussion continued

There’s a situation at Southeastern Louisiana University that every school goes through once in a while: Construction. The campus has been reconstructing a new Student Union for quite some time. Upon the latter days of construction, the old Student Union was completely off limits. Student organizations, including ours, can’t go out to the usual areas and table for recruitment. Our organization had to exercise the marketplace of ideas concept and find another productive way of recruiting. 

We turned to alternative methods of getting our recruitment drive started. We went into the internet and specifically social media to promote our organization in an attempt to get new people out to our meetings. We updated our information on the school website, we shared our Facebook page, we shared past events the took place on campus into Facebook pages and groups that were connected to the University. 

Meeting #2 (minimum wage discussion)

As a result, we were getting feedback. People messaged me personally, we received emails asking when do we meet and they all came out! They have stuck with the group since and as a result, they are telling their friends about it and it has been a domino effect ever since. The first meeting consisted of two new people, and our last meeting brought out six new people (not including the two from the first meeting). We have a total of eight new core members without a single day of tabling this semester. 

When standard tabling is taken off as an option for recruitment, you then have to pursue other methods of recruitment. We took the marketing/PR approach and it has been quite successful. Total attendance so far is on pace to be an all time high for an already growing chapter!

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