Where America’s Freedom Is Moving

In a Forbes.com article featured by Yahoo! News, entitled “Where America’s Money Is Moving,” Jon Bruner write about how IRS data show America’s wealthy are moving in droves to the south to enjoy sunny weather, cheap real estate, and lower taxes.

My initial reaction was to opine about the benefits of lower taxes, but I’ve got some bigger fish to fry today:  How is any of this the IRS’s business? See how the income tax system in the United States is an inherent violation of its citizens’ privacy?

Using these data to effectively spy on Americans and track their migration habits, is well beyond the purview and proper role of the U.S. federal government. Let me tell you a story that should fascinate you…

My father worked in intelligence for the U.S. Air Force during a career that spanned over two decades. When the Y2K scare happened, he was at Stratcom in Omaha, Nebraska, directing teams of people who wanted to keep an eye on our nation’s defenses and make certain that Y2K wouldn’t make our nation somehow vulnurable.

One idea they came up with as they brainstormed ways to monitor the situation, was to use military satellites to see if lights noticeably diminished on the East coast, when the Eastern Time Zone crossed over into the New Year. That could indicate serious Y2K related problems in our infrastructure, and help the other U.S. time zones to be prepared.

The idea was ruled out immediately because it would involve spying on U.S. citizens. Seriously. That’s how far we’ve come in just ten years with our defense agencies. They were actually so concerned (and I commend them!) about not spying on Americans, that they wouldn’t even look at our cities’ lights from their satellites because that would involve spying on us.

That’s the way it should be. That’s the kind of care the government should always take to never cross over that line, to always err on the side of not violating our civil liberties. And yet, here we have the IRS tracking where Americans are moving with all of the personal data they collect from us…that they require us to give.

It’s time for us to recognize how terribly abusive, tyrannical, unconstitutional, and unnecessary the U.S. income tax and IRS are. It’s time to End the IRS!

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