Where the Boys Are

Do you like long walks on the beach, anti-Fed rallies, and Austrian praxeology? If so, here’s a new resource for you: Ron Paul Singles, a dating site promising to put the “love” back in “rEVOLution.”

Well, maybe its a good resource. The site’s homepage lists the following statistics:

Total Male Members: 607

Total Female Members: 156

That’s nationwide, which means that, if you are a straight male, the chance of finding a compatible “Ron Paul single” in your area is virtually nil. Not that this is very surprising. The general paucity of libertarian women has been addressed before, although the attempts to do so tend to bring out social Marxist responses that libertarians are just too insensitive to “women’s issues” or that libertarians are somehow socially inept.

But what are these “women’s issues?” (Aside from abortion, in which I can see viable libertarian arguments for both sides.) They most often center around issues like enforcing equal pay for equal work, ending workplace discrimination, or providing more funding to Planned Parenthood — all of which are programs which would increase the scope of government and to which principled libertarians should be opposed. Moreover, why can’t private property rights and constitutionalism be “women’s issues?” It seems very patronizing to say that in order to attract women, a political movement must give them some goodies, rather than appealing to them on a philosophical level.

I recently read “We Are Doomed” by John Derbyshire. Therein, Derbyshire argues that this is the way it always has been; the ancient playwright Aristophanes even addressed the male-female political divide in his play “The Assemblywomen,” when the women of Athens take power and turn their polis into an egalitarian, socialist state.

So maybe the roots of the problem go too deep for us to find a simple solution. But it is worth thinking about: how can any movement continue when half of the population — the half that spends the most time raising and teaching our children — is either indifferent to its ideals or actively opposed to them?

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