White House Determined To Bailout Automakers

Here we go again folks. They are doing everything they can to pump more money into the system. CNN is reporting that the White House may take matters into it’s own hands in regards to the most recent bailout. As I posted earlier the bailout died in the Senate as it was realized they did not have the votes to get it passed.

Now the White House wants to use the 700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP funds to save the automaker companies. Even the Treasury Department was eying the possibility to use TARP funds. It seems there is no way around it. Those in power will do whatever they can to get this money to the car companies.

This bailout, though only 15 billion (wow did I just say that?) is nothing compared to the trillions the Fed has pumped in over the last months. This is madness, the federal government has become a vacuum for power. The federal government is growing eight times faster than the economy, a staggering statistic that needs to be reversed.

Ron Paul brought up a great point when he spoke on the House floor the other day. He said, forget the 15 billion dollar bailout, this is a distraction. What we must focus on is the trillions the fed is pumping into the economy and the nationalization of so many industries that seems to be happening without a fuss.

There is a horrible trend going on here. Ron Paul was right, we need to be asking the right questions and challenging the status quo, for our freedoms, our prosperity, and our lives.

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