White House pressured Afghanistan to adopt indefinite detention regime

In a story that is not getting enough attention, it appears to be that the White House has succeeded in pressuring Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai in adopting an indefinite detention regime for the over 3,000 prisoners in Obama’s Afghan Gitmo.

John Glaser reports:

With Washington’s supervision, Afghanistan is secretly adopting a system of indefinite detention for thousands of prisoners previously held without charge by the U.S., human rights organizations have found.

As part of the Obama administration’s concessions to the government in Kabul, led by President Hamid Karzai, control of all Afghan prisons will be relinquished to Afghan control. But Washington has directed Karzai to secretly adopt what is called “administrative detention,” which means indefinite imprisonment without charge or trial for the over 3,000 detainees held in Bagram Airbase.

This convenient arrangement allows the White House to commit egregious human rights abuses without the risk of political liability by outsourcing all of that to Afghanistan’s government.

It can be argued that the existence of these “gulags” also delegitimizes Karzai’s government in the eyes of the Afghan people. Empowered by the United States’ approval, the use of indefinite detentions by the Afghan government will inevitably increase and, if it has not already happened, be expanded to include the suppression of dissent.

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