White Ribbon Campaign

The Bethany Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty and the Bethany Chapter of The Black Alliance Club collaborated on an event on Campus called Healthy Relationships 101 for the White Ribbon Campaign that is during the month of November. The White Ribbon Campaign is an awareness event that is to bring into light the reality of all types of violence against women.

Vice President (Jaclyn Vealey), Public Relations (Abigail Kojsza), Secretary (Thelma Collins)

We invited the campus counselors to speak at our event about red flags of unhealthy relationships and how to deal with them. The event was about an hour long. The Black Alliance Club brought baklava to snack on and we brought hot drinks like apple cider and hot chocolate in crock pots so it would stay warm. We also set up a table with the materials that were sent to us. We laid out a signup sheet for the club, constitutions, and other materials.

The campus counselors did a number of activities. They had certain situations printed on paper and had us stick them underneath the categories labeled: Good, Work on it, and Deal Breakers. There were a lot more deal breakers than good, and the counselors would have the students explain their reasoning behind where they put the cards. The counselors usually agreed with the students to their delight and they were some questionable situations in which the counselors talked them out to the students, and explained why that would be a deal breaker situation. Jacklyn Vealey (Vice-President),

Thelma Collins (Secretary), and Abigail Kojsza (Public Relations) were all in attendance and participated in the event. They enjoyed the event immensely. The Black Alliance members are very close friends with our club members, and we were thrilled to be able to collaborate in an event with them. We look forward to be able to sponsor more events with them in the future.

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