Whither the Peace Movement?

As Young Americans for Liberty readers well know, the peace movement which was so active during the Bush years seems to have all but disappeared in the wake of Obama’s election. Of course, I would argue that if blood has been unjustly shed it hardly matters which political party is responsible, and the peace movement ought to be just as strong today as it ever was. In practice, however, just the opposite has happened:

Little evidence exists that any anti-war movement is alive, well and influencing policy in this country.

Certainly no voice for it is coming from Barack Obama’s White House. In fact, Obama has been pretty consistent in jerking around anti-war crusaders, beginning with last summer’s vote as a U.S. senator for a federal surveillance law and its provision shielding telecommunications companies that cooperated in warrantless wiretaps — a law he previously had opposed.

Where have the Cindy Sheehans of the world gone now that we have Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in control?  Mainstream media coverage of the political left’s apparent abandonment of the peace movement which helped bring it to power has been few and far between, and the Democratic Party seems to have used peace activists for their votes and grassroots influence much as the religious right has been used by the GOP.

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