Who do they work for, really?

It’s been two years since the financial collapse, and where are we now? Our unemployment is hovering around 9.8%, our dollar is failing from the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank, and our national debt has increased by trillions, but take  heart! Those on Wall Street continue to live in the lap of luxury.

Because of the bailouts and further intervention by the Fed, our nation’s financial system has been artificially inflated by the theft and reallocation of the incomes of individual Americans. Rather than doing its duty and staying out of the economy, the federal government continues to intervene and reward bad behavior, causing far more harm than good. All the while, the practices that led us here have not changed, and the American people are having their wages legally robbed from them to help the bankers on Wall Street.

So ask yourself:  Do your Congressmen work for you, or for the lobbyists and special interests?

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