Who Was that Well Dressed Man?


Asks Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com. Indeed, this is an extremely important question. A Lap Bomber mystery is still unsolved and perhaps a daunting reminder of how far behind our government is in stopping future attacks.

After the attempted Christmas bomb incident occured, it seemed that only little was given into thought about the well dressed Indian man who escorted AbdulMuttalib to the airport.  It seems that the only answer our elected leaders can say is “We have failed to connect the dots.” Obviously, this is the case. However, perhaps the biggest dot they missed — and are continuing to miss — is the vital eyewitness information provided by Mr. Kurt Haskell, a Michigan attorney, who was on that flight.

Mr. Huskell and his wife were playing cards at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam when Mr. Huskell noticed a suspicious couple walking up to the desk. One of the members of the odd couple was AbdulMuttalab (who was rather dressed haggardly) with a well dressed Indian man who spoke English with an American accent.

Haskell listened cautiously, when he heard the mysterious Indian man  trying to convice the attendant that he needed to get his friend to the flight — even though AbdulMuttalab had no passport. The attendant kept insisting that every passenger must have a passport in order to proceed to their flight. Then Huskell heard the Indian man say: “He’s a refugee from Sudan, we do this all the time.” 

The attendant then said: “You need to speak to my superiors.” Then Huskell saw the Indian man and AbdulMuttalab disappear. It was only a matter of time before Mr. Huskell found out that the haggard young man was the bomber.

Thus, after the incident occured, Mr. Huskell did provide vital information. However, he was dismissed by Dutch and American officials. Others went further to even question his credibility.

Even though Huskell is still consistent with his account, one cannot help but wonder why that Indian man had an American accent. However — as Justin Raimondo points out — anyone can have an American accent, foreign or domestic.

Another question: What happened to other Indian man who was caught when bomb sniffing dogs dicovered his suspicious bag?

I encourage everyone to read it Raimondo’s article — it raises many questions the mainstream media doesn’t have to balls to raise.

 Either way, we all can conclude that there are so many mysteries yet to unravel regarding this story. Too many questions are unanswered and the media does very little to help. Whatever the reason maybe, it was a catastrophic intelligence failure for U.S and international agencies. Raimondo concludes in his article:

Could it be that the war on terrorism is a multi-sided conflict, a deadly game involving at least one or possibly several more players than previously thought? The revelation that Abdulmutallab had enablers, one for sure and possibly two at the scene of the crime, certainly points in that direction.

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