Whole Foods vs. FTC

I recently posted a piece on the NFL concerning their anti-trust case. Much to my surprise Mises.org posted a piece on a current anti-trust case concerning the Whole Foods merger with Wild Oats. Conveniently they also re-posted an old Rothbard piece with his case to abolish anti-trust laws

Trust Busting Teddy

The Federal Trade Commission is trying to make the case that Whole Foods Inc. will be in violation of the Clayton Act under Section 7 if they were to merge with Wild Oats. Together these two companies operate approximately 300 of the 34,000 supermarkets nationwide. 

Rounded up, that would mean that Whole Foods would control approximately .9% (yes .9%) of the supermarket industry IF this deal goes down.

Wal-Mart and Kroger:  You may want to look out; Whole Foods is eating .9% of your organic sections!!! (If they even have one…) The nerve of John Mackey!

However, the FTC does not see Wild Oats and Whole Foods as “supermarkets” in the generic sense, but rather the two companies are specialized in the organic supermarkets. If they were to merge they would allegedly dominate the organic supermarket market.

One question: Why there has not been a FTC case against Wal-Mart in their mass control of the “we have everything you can possibly imagine and it’s cheap from China” market? 

If we are going to reduce every major business to a specific type, let’s go hog wild with monopoly and anti-trust laws!   

Hey maybe the FTC needs to sue the Federal Reserve for their monopoly on the creation of American currency. Oh wait…

This entire situation can be reduced to complete absolute absurdity due to ambiguity of the law.  Personally, I think this entire lawsuit against John Mackey’s Whole Foods may have something to do with his political beliefs. But that’s just a random conjecture. 

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