Who’s Your Daddy!!

A principal is struggling with what can only be described as deep seated abandonment and safety issues as he kidnaps a female child and spends a creepy evening alone with her. 

If anyone ever wonders if power itself, rather than just money, is an expansionary force that drives fringe members of society to foist their will upon another sentient entity, I think we have our answer. 

For what reason, in the case here, does this principal react to his miserable free speech-suppressing rules being circumvented when a student feels the need to express her faith to her fellow students?  Though, I must admit, after 13 years of state indoctrination the students were probably not prepared for a display of non-violent disobedience.  (Thanks to Liz Michael for the second article, she has the best links on Facebook).

If the world were rational the title to the first article would be “Creepy Principal Kidnaps Child To Be Found Later In Front Of Distraught Mother’s House.”  Any other ideas?

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