Why Do They Hate America’s Military?

For all their talk of “supporting the troops” — which is nothing more than a pernicious cover to stop short any criticism of their policies and militarist ideology — neoconservatives sure do want to see America’s soldiers in harm’s way as much as possible.

That, of course, is the only conclusion I can now come to after watching the neocons work to falsify intelligence to bring about the Iraq War, agitate for war with Iran, change political allegiance to cheerlead President Obama’s recent escalation of the war in Afghanistan, and, now, call for an invasion of Somalia.

Discussing the recent rescue operation by the Navy SEALs after an American cargo ship’s captain was taken hostage, FOX News Special Report panelist William Kristol offered the following sarcastic admonishment to his fellow combat-avoiding warmongers, Mort Kondracke and Charles Krauthammer,

I’m shocked by Mort and Charles. Haven’t you guys learned that force doesn’t solve anything, that militarism is a huge problem of U.S. foreign policy, unilateral preemptive action?


We don’t know they were going to shoot Captain Phillip, you know. And there were these trigger happy guys authorized by the U.S. government, just killed them without due process. Where were their — they didn’t get read their rights first. It was really — we have learned no lessons, obviously, from the Bush years.

Ignoring the fact that pirates holding a non-combatant hostage and an enemy combatant already in U.S. custody are two completely different things; this comes only several months after Kristol volunteered that the U.S. Marines — having now successfully pacified Iraq — would be “happy” to invade Somalia to take on the growing pirate threat.  This sentiment has now been echoed by former UN Ambassador John Bolton who believes the U.S. should lead a “Coalition of the Willing” to invade Somalia — because that worked out so well the last time we tried it in Iraq.

Would a better option than seeing more soldiers, not to mention Somalis, killed, be to stop lobbing cruise missiles at the wartorn East African nation from our ships in the Indian Ocean? Or to stop supporting and encouraging a neighboring country, like Ethiopia, to invade it; exacerbating the devastated country’s humanitarian disaster?  Could Congress not issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal to ships operating in the area frequented by the Somali pirates — as is outlined in the Constitution and advocated by Ron Paul?

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