Why Every President Sucked

I stumbled across a project by Humble Libertarian blogger Eric Olsen. The project name really describes it all. 

Why Every President Sucked

Why Every Pres Sucked

Essentially, Olsen just goes through every president (yes, every president) and details their one major flaw or two that made them particularly suck.

From Georgy W. to Barack Obama, Olsen details exactly why every president in history has been no boon to liberty, and in fact, a blight. The site’s tagline is “America’s Undying Pursuit for a King” — and damn, it is right.

The site’s design is absolutely fantastic too.  Very simplistic, yet very sleek, creative, and easy to navigate. Eye-catching overall. You can go through and click on every president, and a feature will pop up that will detail what exactly that president did that was so detrimental to our country (even good ol’ Tommy Jeffy had his major flaw, the Embargo Act, which Olsen covers nicely). Every description has a short paragraph detailing what they did, along with a video (SONG! Gasp! See the example below) and the chords and lyrics for every song. Olsen even does the viewer the pleasure of dressing up so nicely in many of the videos.

Olsen has done a good job here. I honestly enjoyed going through, embracing my inner-history buff, and guessing what the president’s crime against America and humanity was (Truman’s bomb, Adams’ Alien and Sedition Acts, Teddy’s trust-busting, FDR’s Supreme Court shakeup, etc…but I won’t ruin it for you) before clicking on the president.  The site is already fully functional, so there’s no waiting for Olsen to release new videos for more recent presidents.

My personal “favorites”? Adams, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, and Reagan. 

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