Why is gay marriage a “public policy” issue?

Michael Kinsley and David Boaz are right. The best solution (and clearly, the libertarian one) to the gay marriage debate is to privatize the institution altogether.

Though this controversy is very emotional and hot-button, it really doesn’t need to be that way. In the free society, gays would be allowed to get married, and I suspect that most people would come to accept their relationships as respectable and legitimate. But if cultural conservatives disagreed, no one would have the right to impose gay marriage on their churches and businesses.

This being said, I am not optimistic that many will take the privatize marriage position seriously. Sadly, we live in a society that believes centralized bureaucracies should shape our values rather than families, friends and religious groups. Thus, the great amount of resources and creative energy wasted on this “debate,” will probably just continue to amass. Since “leave each other alone,” is not considered a viable option, otherwise “chill” people think they must coerce others with their preferred values, lest they be coerced!

And as usual, we have the state to thank for this unnecessary division.

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