Why Jon Stewart Is Probably the Best Mainstream Pundit

I really think Jon Stewart is becoming one of the best political commentators out there.  He has always done a good job in mixing humor and ridicule of the mainstream media, but lately he has been moving from a overall leftist perspecitve, to a more “common sense” one.  While I may disagree with him on many of his perspectives, he does have some for which he should be commended.

For example, he did an excellent job on a recent episode using Charlton Heston who is arguably the most notable figure ever in the right-aligned NRA.  Using Heston’s comments on the uproar the NRA received when it held a convention near Columbine very soon after the infamous shooting, Stewart, or the Daily Show writing staff, threw the hypocritic comments straight back into the faces of those on the right who have attacked Islam and those who support the mosque near Ground Zero…

Anyway, check it out:


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