Why Our Movement Is Growing

Here’s an article I submitted to my school newspaper about the liberty movement and why it’s growing:

Ron Paul crowd

How is it that a 76-year old man consistently attracts the youth vote? What is it about Ron Paul that allows him to completely fill every venue, turning enthusiastic supporters away at the door? Simply put, it is because the Ron Paul campaign is an idea, a movement.

This idea isn’t anything new, it is actually quite old — 235 years to be exact. It goes back to the founding of this country; the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and to the Constitution. It is about the philosophy of liberty; free markets, peace, and the protection of civil liberties. It is also about being unwavering in those principles and being moral in one’s private life while being willing to tell the American people some truly inconvenient truths.

Our country has never been at such a crossroads; our way of life has never been so threatened. Never before has the Western world been in such a perfect combination of massive debt and government deficits, long foreign wars, extreme political polarization, the increasing societal gaps, and the loss of civil liberties. But the majority of politicians refuse to even acknowledge this, yet alone do something about it, and the people are sick of it.

This is exactly why the Tea Party was created; it is why the Republican Party is so obviously fragmented. People are sick of being deceived and being controlled, they are sick of career politicians blowing with the political winds and sacrificing principle in the name of compromise. They no longer want these so-called “realist” elites. Instead, they want a leader that governs on principle and lives every day by that principle. People want someone and something to believe in, not just the lesser of two evils.

This is also the same reason the youth elected Obama in 2008. Young people tend to be more optimistic, motivated, and inspired. They have their whole lives ahead of them, and tend to want to make a difference in the world. Most are much better informed and connected than most of their parents and grandparents. They too see what older generations see, but are more willing and able to get involved.

And gotten involved they have. Everyone saw the youth participate in droves for the Madison protests last summer and the Occupy movement all across the country. But it is the liberty movement that we are talking about, and Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Liberty are two of the fastest growing political organizations on campuses across the US.

While many disagree with the movement, there is no doubt that it is growing. This movement will continue to gain influence in American politics and will be a force to be reckoned with, as it already has been within the Republican Party.

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