Why Ron Paul wins

Do you wonder how Ron Paul stays elected year after year? It’s not “Ron Paul R3volution” signs, voting to bring our troops home, or fighting to end the Federal Reserve. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Rep. Paul is known as a family man, doctor, and principled conservative in his congressional district. The Ron Paul you saw running for president is very different from the Ron Paul you see running for Congress.

You won’t see TV ads discussing the war, Federal Reserve, or War on Drugs in his congressional district races. Instead, you’ll see videos like this, receive a copy of the Paul Family Cookbook in the mail every year, and hear from a candidate that fights big government and wants to lower your taxes.

Winning an election is about connecting with your constituents, projecting a positive feeling about you as their representative, and showing strong character.

There’s a place and time for education and capturing the hearts and minds for liberty, and then there’s knowing how to win a campaign. It’s videos like this that keep Ron Paul elected.

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