Why We Don’t Want the Wall Rebuilt

This weekend I was fortunate to attend the Students for Liberty Conference at Drexel University in Philadelphia. The weekend’s conference was a wonderful day filled with discussion, philosophy, and activism to inspire and motivate those who already accept and promote liberty. It also drew some who were on the fence toward liberty.

The conference concluded with an impassioned speech against socialism by the key note speaker, Dr. Alan Charles Kors. His speech raised many questions for those who promote socialism as the tonic for capitalism’s “plague.” Kors did what many Marxist fail to do:  follow Marx’s own call for critically looking at the history of systems once in practice. As many know, the history of collectivist states is littered with gulags, slave labor, and “re-education.” The dead bodies of those who “held back” the “progress” of Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot are not arbitrary and able to be dismissed. They are the direct result of a system that attempted to control their lives from beginning to end. It is a point continuously lost on those who think that “social democracy” is the tonic to the “plague” of capitalism. While those who believe in self responsibility, liberty, and freedom are blamed for “injustice,” it is the statist that has to ignore the history of his ideas in practice.  It is he who must step over the 100+ million dead since the introduction of statist ideas incorporated through “socialism” or “communism.”

In the spirit of Dr. Kors speech and for all those who are participating in their own “Rebuilding the Wall” event today, I urge everyone to visit the Global Museum on Communism.  This online museum has information of the horrors that have occurred throughout all the states that have applied a communist style of government. Whenever you are confronted by socialists about how your promotion of capitalism is evil, point them to this site so they know exactly what an “organized society” looks like. It is we liberty lovers who have the moral high ground, not those who perceive government theft and wealth redistribution as “social justice.” As Dr. Kors asks, if those who had promoted or are still promoting socialism were forced to bury the bodies of their theories’ application, as many German citizens where made to bury those who died in Nazi Concentration Camps, would they still promote these systems?

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