Why We Stopped Caring: An Open Letter to the National Media

To all of those in the traditional media establishment –

Thanks for all of your dedication over the years, but we’re going to have to let you go. The simple reality that we get more objective facts from our Facebook feeds than we do from you. Moreover, we just don’t get you anymore. It’s like listening in on someone else’s conversation. You focus on stories and story lines that have no relevance to us.

Worse, you report from subjective, ideologically-driven premises that we know are simply wrong. See that’s the thing, we used to take you at your word and base our understanding on the premises that you developed for us, but now we have the internet and we are starting to discover that your premises are simply false. We have begun to question those premises…left/right, for/against, Republican/Democrat. We just aren’t buying anymore. Before the internet, we assumed we were alone in feeling this way, that we were the outliers, the kooks, but now we know that actually, you are.

You recently told us that 60-75 thousand attended the Tea Party event in DC. In the past we would have shrugged and said, “Oh, o.k.” But today we have so many tools that don’t depend on you which can be used to confirm or deny your claims. I have read two separate analysis of the crowd size by normal people who just took the various claims, cross-referenced them with videos, still photos, mathematical calculations, interviews, and archived material from past events. Guess what?  Your numbers are laughable, and easily rebuked. This is the part you’re missing. In the world of virtual communities and internet activism, anyone can project a message, but it must stand up to critical review or be discredited. When the message is repeatedly discredited, so is the messenger.

Time and time again, your reporting has been challenged and rebuked; your blind partisan hackery and naked self-aggrandizing pose exposed for what it is. When GE uses its media arm to promote “going green”, you don’t think we see it for what it is? When there are four leftists pounding on one token conservative on your talk shows, you don’t think we understand what is happening? When you take affronts to freedom and liberty and frame them as left versus right, do you honestly believe that we aren’t laughing and mocking your simple-minded naivety and your assumption that we are too stupid to see through the false choice you are presenting?

Look, this is a courtesy letter. You guys do what you will, but when the bankruptcies cascade through your industry, at least you’ll know why.

In liberty,

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