Why YAL Members Are Extraordinarily Attractive


Have you ever stopped and noticed that people tend to gravitate towards you when you speak to them about freedom and its pursuit?

Of course, the principles of liberty are attractive. But what about when you talk to others about specific issues such as the Federal Reserve or specific legislation moving its way through Congress?

Doesn’t it surprise you that in today’s day and age of sound bites and blissful ignorance, people will truly and sincerely listen to you?

Well let me be frank, you aren’t coincidentally running into thoughtful and nice people. What is making the difference in the interaction isn’t just the ideas that you’re trying to portrait, it is actually YOU.

Yes, I said it. You are making a difference everyday and every time you speak about the liberty movement. Because it is your passion that makes you attractive and when you speak about what you’re passionate about people actually listen to what you have to say.

Haven’t you noticed it? When you speak about liberty, you come off as having a lot of self-assurance and certainty in the things you say. You not only commanded attention but you spoke confidently, articulately, and with self-assurance in your voice. You were so clear on all your values and goals, and where you stood on the issues that were important to you, that people couldn’t help but be captivated.

But let me say this again; your passion for freedom and liberty, coupled with your willingness to express it, is what makes YOU an extraordinarily attractive person.

But, what is passion?

In my opinion, passion is what you love. It’s not what society says you should love. It’s not what your friends or family say you should care about. It’s what you, at the deepest and most honest part of yourself, love.

The fact of the matter is, most people don’t stand up for what they believe in, they follow the trends and live reactively to their environment, instead of taking the time to really connect with what they truly want. They get so caught up in trying to be accepted that they miss whom they really are inside. In short, they lock their passions up in a box.

What is good about passion is that is something you cannot fake. Because even someone with the smallest amount of intuition can sense a lack of authenticity in another, and what makes you and other YAL members so attractive is the fact that you express your feelings, ideas, and values without restraint.

So my fellow YAL members, continue to stand for what you believe. Be clear about what you want, and what your values are. Don’t compromise, and never settle. Say what needs to be said, sing when you feel like singing, dance when you feel like dancing. Don’t apologize for it. This is your birthright.

The cool thing about living passionately is that you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Remember, freedom is contagious.

Special thanks to Jae @ Kino for ideas and input on this blog post.

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