Wichita State University Recruitment Drive and Constitution Week

This semester, Young Americans for Liberty took over in the American heartland. For the first time ever, a YAL chapter is representing at Wichita State University!

On August 27 our university hosted their annual Student Involvement Fair. Over 70 organizations participated that day, including our chapter! Needless to say, thanks to the awesome activism kits we received, we easily had the best-looking table that day. We had roughly 45 students sign up, including individuals who had a table on both side of ours. If you have ever been in our university, 45 sign-ups was a HUGE measure of success for us. Before this, the only reliable members in our group were myself and my vice president.

First Recruitment Table!

We held our first meeting the following week, and five students showed up. We were PUMPED. Our organization had nearly tripled in size. The first meeting went awesome, as shown by the fact that each member is still with us. Our second meeting was today and two more students showed up. Due to the activism kits we received and the tremendous guidance of our advisors and state chair, we are continuing to grow our chapter each week. Our Recruitment Drive was a huge success!

On September 17, we hosted our Free Speech Wall in honor of Constitution Week. We were lucky enough to score the ONLY free speech zone not in a parking lot (har har har). We built the wall two nights before we had the events, and on the morning of the 17th we miraculously transferred the wall from my garage to the university. at 10:45 sharp (the minute after we finished putting everything together) our first student wrote on the wall.

Our first post on our free speech wall

In a matter of 15 minutes, our wall was already a hit! At one point, we had our basketball team and a group of elderly 70-year-old engineering professors come speak. A university police officer even came by to talk to our vice president because he was curious what all the commotion was all about.

Dowvie and the police officer

We explained to him who we were and the importance of the event to us.

I was also interviewed by our school newspaper after the writer and photographer both signed the wall. The school newspaper said that they have never seen a school organization do something like this.

Me getting interviewed by the school paper

We handed out almost every single pocket Constitution we had.  We even stuffed each one with a palm card of what YAL is and a flyer detailing our next meeting time and location.

By the end of a two-hour period there was not a single space to write anything. Students wrote song lyrics, bible quotes, statements about social issues, and someone even tried to diss the First Amendment (the irony killed me). Nearly everyone that wrote on the wall had a positive outlook on the wall and thanked us for what we were doing.

All in all, we grew in membership, and if we had not made a large enough impression on campus during the involvement fair, we certainly did so that day! 

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