Will Chairman Steele Embrace the Ron Paul Revolution?

It will be interesting to examine Michael Steele’s treatment of the Ron Paul revolutionaries as he attempts to rebuild the GOP. Mr. Steele, Maryland’s former Lieutenant Governor and the newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee, said this about the role that he hopes Ron Paul supporters will play in shaping the future of the Republican Party:

Ron Paul certainly brought a whole new generation of voters and I think it’s important going forward that we recognize the strengths and the attributes of these individuals who are out there actively building the party and building a movement – a consensus, if you will, on certain issues. So we can’t look that in the eye and say, “No, we don’t want that.” We need to find ways – creative ways – to work with their candidates that are running, to work with Ron Paul himself as a member of the United States Congress, and tap into those synergies where we are on the same page and can move forward together. Will there be disagreements? Probably. But that’s part of this process of building and branding and moving forward. We cannot look at folks and say, “Well, you don’t check off my litmus test of choices and therefore, I don’t want any part of you.” I think at this stage for this party, everyone who can help us should be brought into the room to help us.

This certainly sounds encouraging, but whether or not Mr. Steele is truly committed to this goal remains to be seen. If the Republican Party wishes to regain its credibility and win back seats in Congress, it must convince voters that it once again is a credible voice for limited government and free markets. Getting the Ron Paul movement involved would be a good start. Not only have Ron Paul supporters demonstrated their effectiveness in fundraising and grassroots organization, but they would also help return the Republican Party to the principles that, particularly during the past decade, it has all but abandoned. The benefits of such a strategy seem obvious and would help to remove the party from political life support; after all, as Dr. Paul accurately stated, “Freedom is popular.” We should wish Chairman Steele success in his new job and hope that he takes advantage of the golden opportunity that awaits him and the Republican Party should he decide to follow through on this endeavor.

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